Ultimate Skytrak/JNPG Guide

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Ultimate Skytrak/JNPG Guide

Postby Whiskeybent » Sat Feb 02, 2019 2:54 pm


Setting Up Skytrak / Tips and Tricks
1- Make sure the Skytrak unit is level with your hitting surface. If the unit is not level with the hitting mat, the laser will be either too close or too far away.

2- Make sure the Tilt and Roll are set to Zero in the Skytrak app. Adjust accordingly if they are not. Never go by the bubble level on top! If the tilt and roll are off, it will also make the laser dot too close or too far from the unit.

3- DO NOT USE ALIGNMENT MODE to align your Skytrak. It has been said from Skytrak themselves that it can be innacurate. Start by aligning the unit perfectly parrallel with your target line by using alignment sticks. To really fine tune the alignment, it is recommended to hit a few shots and note where the ball hits the screen. You may have to open up or close the unit slightly to get an accurate launch direction. Keep in mind while you are doing this that Skytrak has a tolerance of ±2°. Do not use putting to align the unit. Putting is the biggest weakness of the Skytrak.

4- It is best to have a dark, solid color on the wall behind you (the wall that the Skytrak will see when taking pictures). I do not have a solid color wall behind me, so I hang up a dark blue drop cloth while I am using the Skytrak. Anything White, Red, or Reflective in the background can confuse the unit into thinking that is part of the ball.

5- For the same reasons as listed above, do not wear white, red, or anything reflective. Especially shoes. Also try to avoid white clubheads. Also avoid white tees. It is recommended to use dark colored tees like black, blue, or green.

6- Avoid any light shining into the front of the unit. Try to use light that is either straight overhead or behind the unit. Light shining into the front of the unit can cause a glare on the images. Skytrak uses cheaper cameras to keep the price lower. Glare in the images can really mess up the image quality.

7- Make sure to face the logo of the ball towards the front of the Skytrak. This will help with spin readings, which in turn, affects distance and direction. Also make sure to use good quality balls. If they are scuffed up too bad, replace them with new ones. Check every so often to make sure there is not a crack forming in the ball either.

8- Skytrak recommends always placing the ball on the laser dot, or the base of the tee on the dot if teed up. If you are getting inaccurate readings or no-reads, try moving the ball a little closer to the impact screen for wedges or a little further back for driver.

9- Make sure the lens on the front of the Skytrak is clean and free of dust. I recommend wiping it off with a microfiber cloth before each session.

10- Static electricity can also cause image distortion. Static electricity is especially high during the winter months as the humidity is lower. You can combat that by either using a humidifier in the sim room, or mixing a 5:1 ratio of water and liquid fabric softener in a spray bottle and spraying your hitting mat.

11- Tests have been done and it has shown that connecting your Skytrak through Network mode is more stable than connecting through USB. However, if you connect through network mode, your Skytrak will not be charging unless you plug it into a wall outlet. The only way to check your battery level is in the Skytrak app.

Skytrak Tips, Explanations, and Troubleshooting for JNPG
1- Make sure Skytrak unit is powered on and connected to your network or USB before starting JNPG.

2- DO NOT have the Skytrak app running while trying to connect to JNPG.

3- When the Sim Console screen pops up, connect to Skytrak first, then connect to PG. You can also click on 'settings' at the top of the Sim Console screen and select 'Connect Automatically'.

4- If the Sim Console screen does not pop up, go to Settings > Controls, set Swing Type to Simulation, set Simulator Type to Skytrak. If Sim Console still doesn't pop up, try to reinstall Microsoft C++ https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=5555

5- If your Skytrak will not connect to the Sim Console, check your Skygolf account at http://www.skygolf.com. Under My Account, make sure your 'Game Improvement Plan' or 'Play and Improve Plan' has not expired. Also on the same page, make sure you have the proper JNPG pass (Perfect Golf Premium Pkg) and it has also not expired. If either of those have expired, you will need to contact Skygolf. WARNING- If the JNPG pass does expire, there is a good chance that Skygolf will not re-activate it. DO NOT let it expire.

6- If no tournaments that you are registered for are listed under the Private tab, make sure your Skytrak is connected to PG. No OGT tournaments will show if your unit is not connected. If they are not showing after verifying your unit is connected, you may need to check with an OGT administrator that they have the correct Steam ID for you.

7- Putting Mode - When putting in JNPG, ALWAYS make sure 'Putting Mode" is enabled. Check this by looking at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Should say 'Putting Mode'. It should automatically go into putting mode any time you are on the green. If you are trying to putt from the the fringe, you MUST select putting mode manually by clicking the putter icon in the bottom-right. If you are trying to chip while ON the green, you will have to exit out of putting mode by also clicking that putter icon, and I recommend going into short game mode (see #10 below).

8- If you hit a chip shot and it launches backwards 500 yards, most likely the Skytrak was in putting mode. When in putting mode, if the Skytrak reads a few degrees of vertical launch, it can cause some crazy things to happen. Always double check that you are in the correct mode for the shot you are trying to hit. If the backwards shot happens, just click the hand icon (bottom icon on the column on the right) and select rehit.

9- Putting Tips - I'll just say It, putting is the most frustrating part of Skytrak. At this point, it just seems like a hardware limitation. But with the way JNPG reprocesses the putting launch numbers, it makes putting more realistic and you can be a good putter with Skytrak if you follow some simple guidelines...
It is highly recommended to putt from a different location of your mat than you hit shots from. After your mat becomes a little worn from iron shots, putts will tend to bounce and/or be knocked offline. Obviously, the straighter and flatter the putt rolls, the better. It's best to put the Skytrak on a slider so you can putt from a different location. With that being said, make sure your putting stroke does not cause the ball to hop excessively. Skytrak does not like reading much vertical launch on putts. If you are getting a vertical launch reading (positive or negative), the ball may be hopping and the unit is catching it as it is in the air. Play with the ball position a little, maybe move it a little forward or a little backward from the laser dot. Go to Woodys Practice course under 'Practice Mode' and drop the ball on the green at different distances and practice hitting putts. Just like with full shots, I always position the ball so that the logo is facing the Skytak unit. Also make sure you have at least 1 foot for the ball to roll before falling off of the mat.

10- Short Game Mode - When you are off the green, within 65 feet of the pin (except in a bunker), the game should automatically go into 'Short Game Mode' and be listed in the bottom right corner. Short game mode is in place to counter Skytrak's inability to accurately measure horizontal launch angle on chips and pitches. This puts a limit on the amount of horizontal launch that will sent to the game. It also seems to help cause less no-reads, since the Skytrak tends to ignore very soft chips. Any time you want to manually go into short game mode, either go to sim console screen and select short game mode, or click on the club selector in the game and select 'Lob'. Examples of times when you will want to manually enter short game mode would be; A- being in a greenside bunker, or B- being 40 yards from the pin, but only need to flight the ball 20 yards. If you try to use short game mode for full shots, the shot WILL NOT REGISTER and you will have to exit short game mode by selecting Normal in the sim console.

11- If you get to a point where a shot will not register and the laser dot stays on through the swing, check your sim console. Make sure both lights are still green. I've had the issue multiple times where the top light is red and it says Skytrak is in sleep mode for some reason. If this happens, just power of the Skytrak and power it back on. Wait until it has re-connected to the network, then click Connect to Skytrak in the sim console and it should re-connect.

12- In the Sim Console, there is a check box for 'High Confidence Shots Only'. Beside each ball measurement number that the Skytrak unit sends to sim console, you'll see a %. That % is how confident Skytrak is on that particular measurement for that shot. If you select the High Confidence Shots Only box, it will reject any shot that is not 100% confident. That can be good and bad. Selecting that box will ensure that you get more accurate readings from Skytrak, but it may also cause more no-reads. So maybe just use that option for tournament rounds.

All of this is just guidelines to help you get the best experience out of Skytrak and JNPG. Some users have no issues at all with their units, and some do. But I fully believe that something listed above is the culprit for these problems that some are having. Skytrak can be pretty sensitive to various environmental factors. However, it is an excellent device for the price point and you will have tons of fun playing on this Tour with it.

If the above guidelines do not help your problems, feel free to ask in Discord. There are plenty of people there that know a lot about Skytrak and can hopefully set you straight.

If you still have issues, I'll say it in the words of Zmax, "Get a GC2"

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