For Sale: Gc2, HMT, FSX (older version) ($9k for everything)

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For Sale: Gc2, HMT, FSX (older version) ($9k for everything)

Postby stingreye » Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:17 pm

I will be taking pictures soon. I bought the black friday bundle of a new GC2, HMT and FSX2018. So I will be selling my gc2/hmt and older fsx.

$9k for everything. Prices include shipping to continental US.

GC2, 4,250 without the plastic shield. 4,300 with it. Serial number is 7127.

Hmt 4,000 with FSX is $5,000.
FSX 1300. (note I know original owner of FSX and can get it upgraded for an additional 500) - I will only sell FSX AFTER selling HMT if the new owner does not need or want FSX.

Regarding FSX, cour DAlene, Dallas national, La Jolla pines and Royal Troon in addition to their standard courses. Prices on FSX's website $150 each but I am not seeing Dallas National or La Jolla Pines on there currently.

I will wait a couple days before breaking up GC2. The HMT can be broken up immediately as I think that market is less robust as gc2 as only people with gc2's would buy it.

Everything works perfectly. Gc2 will come with original OEM flash and I will include a spare flash from my new gc2 when it arrives.

Please let me know if you have any questions. If you want to be registered with foresight and upgrade to FSX2018 at the same time, it costs $1k.

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