PG API Single and Multiplayer Instructions

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PG API Single and Multiplayer Instructions

Postby JTee1 » Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:57 am

Single Player API enabled

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Multiplayer API Enabled
Enter thru Game Lobby

Players in the Same Tour

Enter Tournament the same way as single player then Invite another OGT Player. Members playing in the same Tour Events will have Auto Scoring.

Players in Different Tours

Only the Hosts round will be auto scored and will count toward the event. But this allows you to grab your buddy to play along with you.

Unfinished Rounds:

The person with the earliest incomplete hole should host the event and you can play together and it will play all unfinished holes of each player. Any scores that were completed in previous play for either player is locked in and will not change.

Player 1 needs Back 9 holes
Player 2 needs all 18 holes
Player 2 should host because he has the earliest incomplete hole
Player 1 will have to shoot the front 9 along with Player 2 but his F 9 scores are locked in from previous 9 he played.
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