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OGT Target Golf

Postby Zmax » Sun Jan 20, 2019 12:42 pm


OGT Target Golf is now available to our tour members. This will probably be a weekly event. Everyone on tour will be registered to the event and you can play it as many times as you like. It is setup in our new "Retry Round" mode. This means if you played it once and decide to play it again - it erases your previous score. This gives you a chance to move up the leaderboard should you want to or stay pat with your current score.

TargetGolf is about hitting targets for points. You get 9 normal shots and 1 bonus field goal shot at the end for 100 pts. You can aim at any target you like, including point multipliers (3X, 5X). If you hit a point multiplier your next shot is worth whatever multiplier you hit. If you go big and hit more than one multiplier in a row (Hit 3X and then next shot hit 5X), you can ADD them up and your next shot is worth that much if you succeed. This round will be played from the top deck so be mindful of elevation.

Course download:

Please look at the sign in the game on the left. It will explain the points system.

The course can be downloaded by clicking on the course name on the leaderboard. When playing the game you can use the in-game leaderboard as well as the site leaderboard to check your score. It takes about 3 seconds after you click "Continue" on your post shot screen for the score to register.

Please report any problems to tour admins and tell us which Round#, Hole#, Target and description of the issue.

Note: completed score/last score won’t show in the game after you finished. To see final score, either refresh OGT Leaderboard or go into private and click on leaderboard for OGT Target Golf
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